Lovely Valentines Gift Ideas

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Today the inspiration came from the Valentine’s day. Everybody are looking for gift ideas, but you can surprise with a simple and original idea, putting some personal touch. Women in general like and have more ability in crafts and here has some great and nice suggestions. And for the men  please listen me (  maybe you arrived here  helped by Google 😀 ),  you that waited for the last minute and just searched “Valentines gift ideas” hã?. Ok ok, no problem, so choose an idea and surprise your love 😀

watercolor card to valentine day

valentines surprise ideia ballons hanging pictures

 Valentines gift ideas guide

Flowers are always a classic but it can be a surprise if it comes wrapped in a paper with photo prints or some written by hand. And if your love has some chubby soul (I don´t know someone like this). How about give the flowers with a lot of chocolate? Balloons are also a great tip! It can be shaped by words or with hung pictures! And if she is an instagram girl she will love even more! Because she’ll be able to take a lot of trendy photos with balloons (also I don’t know anyone like that too)! but be prepared to be an instagram boy-friend 🙂 Liked it? So run! There’s still time to work on this. And I’ll leave this post open on the computer screen, with no intention of course, until my husband arrived. Oh the chocolate …

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