boutique hotel em Londres com charmosa decoração

There is a boutique hotel in London which is a bless for the eyes and soul. It’s called 40 Winks London this eccentric hosting with a magical atmosphere. Full of charm and personality, the decoration is signed by Mr. Carter, award-winning interior designer and owner of the establishment.

The more 300 years house was working as backdrop for celebrities and fashion editorials and in these photo shoots always had models and photographers asking if they could not stay overnight in place. So Mr. Carter decided to not only accept guests but also welcome then with style.

If you are a little tired of minimalist décor like me, leaves of white color aside and come delight in these chambers filled with details, surprises and elegance.

poltrona colorida e estampada do hotel 40 winks

sala e teto com pompons do hotel boutique 40 winks

pompons decorativos no teto

tulle pompom from 40 winks london

I thought amazing  the tulle PomPoms as highlights. They are proof that good taste doesn’t mean spending a lot of money, but have the eye to the potential and the sensitivity to capture what passes each piece.

This PomPoms arrangement brought irreverence, fun, a delicate touch and fluidity, maybe for remind us the ballet costumes.

The cheap and expensive can Yes walk together, since well harmonised.

decoração de sala com cores escuras

Textured paints, wallpapers, Oriental references, velvet, dark colors, hats, cane, toys. Phew! How much wealth! All these details gives a mystery and fantasy vibe . Where’s Johnny Dep offering a cup of tea?

molduras douradas em paredes brancas

malas na decoração do 40 winks london

ideia de decoração apara lareira

sapatinho vermelho como decoração

Mr. Carter aesthetics and his eye to details is apparent everywhere you look. The mixture of different objects, textures, aesthetic and materials result in this captivating and alluring hotel.

And if  you’re crazy to do that clean and exterminate some objects from your house (support unconditionally), train the eye and think about it if something could be a beautiful decorative object. 🙂

If you was curious about how to make a tulle Pom-Pom, click here and see how simple it is

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blusão preto com flores e anjos da Dolce Gabbana

Today was the last day of the Milan fashion week and the first idea was to make a compiled of the top looks. But when I saw the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show I could not select just a few pictures. What amazing pieces, so many colors, patterns, materials, fabrics, appliques, embroidery, Phew! Deserved a post just for it.

Titled “Fashion devotion” the collection showed many Renaissance printed images merged with pop patches! Silk bomber jackets (with cherubs wings coming out of the back), many angels images with brocade fabrics, lace and sequins.

Watch how beautiful it was and hold on because probably at the end of the post you leave wanting to create a pattern, an outfit, or customize something around you.

casaco jeans com patches de anjos da dolce e Gabbana

casaco jeans com patches da Dolce e Gabbana

costas do casaco jeans da dolce gabanna com anjo aplicado

casaco com apliques da Dolce Gabanna

casaco bordado dolce e Gabbana

jaqueta jeans dolce gabbana com bordados e pedrarias

bolsa com coração e asas da Dolce e Gabbana

jaqueta de veludo azul dolce e gabbana

Just click bellow to read more.

Café com decoração aconchegante com sofás e livros

There is a relaxed and cozy Coffe Shop in Alfama neighborhood named Pois Café. With walls and floor made with stones from the original construction, the Pois café home design is very informal and joyful. Has vintage trunks, 70`s furnitures, and on the walls a few arts from locals artists. You can fall on the sofas, read a book and enjoy a beautiful afternoon, alone or with friends. Has the peculiarity of sharing a table with strangers and make use of all the books, magazines and games that have space.

greeen velvet cushion

I`m currently crazy about velvet cushions. I love these old green velvet futtons on top of chairs.

relicários na decoração

salmon toast from pois café

In the menu there are soups, tapas, salads, sandwiches and delicious desserts. I chose to order the LAx, a toast with grilled smoked salmon, cream cheese and red onion – wow!  To drink I wanted to try a typical austrian lemonade called KRACHERL with blueberries, sparkling water and lemon juice. I loved it, but you have to like sweet drink, because that was pretty sweet.

alfama Portugal

As the Coffee is located in Alfama, take the opportunity to explore the neighborhood which is quite typical, watch the buildings, the tight streets, the clotheslines, the tiles and visit the Sé Cathedrals. You can also try a fresh orange from the trees.

room with books

I think mixing materials, colors and styles in decoration works a lot and this place is proof of that. See how a classic sofa – I kept the color red but I changed the style to give that touch – can combine with a modern bookshelf and lamp. Velvet, wood, leather and metal also harmonize beautifully.


get the look of home design

colorful and surreal design pattern print

Yupiiii, today I inaugurate the new blog´s section where I will show you prints that I designed and what inspired me to create them. The inspiration to create a print or another kind of art can come from various sources. Today I start showing the Circus collection, wich I designed to Trevisan Concept. The inspiration came while I was visiting the Maison & Objet in Paris (I’ve talked about this incredible fair here).

moodboard images circus

It is realy important to be always watching everything around us. Creativity does not come out of nowhere, the ideas are always connections of our repertoire that are stored in the brain plus our interpretation. Magazines, covers, packaging, fashion, posters, blogs like this (Aháá), everything goes into our information box and as the repertoire grows, easier it is to create new ideas.

When I visited the Maison & Objet, a huge home decoration fair that happens in Paris twice a year, I have observed that many stands had the circus-themed decor, or even some products like wallets and purses. Added to this a lot of memories of carousels images that I saw in Paris. It didn’t take long and all that information became the mood board above (ok I compiled just a little bit:P)

cushions from christian lacroix maison

I also associate the Christian Lacroix designs, which I’m a big fan and I identify with his aesthetics. In the image above are examples of the designer’s art, surreal, colorful and irreverent and jolly.

All this information on the brain added to my interpretation of all of it,  resulted in the collection below. 🙂

print with elefants

green pattern design

pattern design of carroussel

The prints were applied on some home decor objects. I loved the collection and I was realy proud to see the interpretation of what is around applied to design.

peças de decoração com estampas de circo e elefantes

So, from today, let´s observe everything around us. And let´s create beautiful arts. And about you, what inspires you?

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chinese new year gucci campain

The Chinese new year begins on the the next February 16 and to celebrate the year of the dog  Gucci launched this super collection with a very kitchy vibe witch I loved! In honor to man’s best friend (cats are also okay), The collection features sweatshirts, polos, bomber jackets, bags, backpacks, wallets and watches. Inspired by the Alessandro Michele dogs – the boston terriers Bosco and Orso – the illustrations were made by Helen Downie (@unskilledworker). Check it out these inspiring photoscolors, scenarios, filters and details! I want everything! Even the dogs!

gucci photoshot inspiration with flowers and dogs

The campaign was photographed by Petra Collins and resulted in colorful images in light tones, which seems that come out of those teenager magazines that we rediscover when opening a treasure chest of memories.

dog bomber jaquet from gucci

The bomber jaquet pattern is wonderful but what about the couch behind? Wich house they founded it? Positive points to the production.

coleção da gucci para o ano novo chines

coleção da gucci com inspiração no Ano Novo Chines

dogs embroidery jacket

dog and flowers

dos in garden with flowers

campnha da gucci para o ano novo chines

Those who follow oriental designs know cute design, pink and glitter appear quite be in packaging, clothes or commercials. That’s why I thought the concept of the photo above was assertive, it brings the oriental aesthetic in a subjective way.

ano do cachorro e a coleção da gucci

cachorros no sofá

Now, if you ask me, Jules, what did you enjoy most at this campaigning? I answer you: “the damask couch lined with plastic!!!!!! Yes, that’s right. I don’t know if is because it brought memories of childhood, or because it’s so fancy and kitchy. There are things that you just can’t explain! So lovely lovely!

Inspired by the colors and textures of the scenarios I selected some pieces to a guccian home decor! Let’s dare because life needs daring!

moodboard of kitchy home decor

photo source: Gucci   Lovely Selection: Lovely Lovely

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Spoons with chocolate

Today the inspiration came from the Valentine’s day. Everybody are looking for gift ideas, but you can surprise with a simple and original idea, putting some personal touch. Women in general like and have more ability in crafts and here has some great and nice suggestions. And for the men  please listen me (  maybe you arrived here  helped by Google 😀 ),  you that waited for the last minute and just searched “Valentines gift ideas” hã?. Ok ok, no problem, so choose an idea and surprise your love 😀

watercolor card to valentine day

valentines surprise ideia ballons hanging pictures

 Valentines gift ideas guide

Flowers are always a classic but it can be a surprise if it comes wrapped in a paper with photo prints or some written by hand. And if your love has some chubby soul (I don´t know someone like this). How about give the flowers with a lot of chocolate? Balloons are also a great tip! It can be shaped by words or with hung pictures! And if she is an instagram girl she will love even more! Because she’ll be able to take a lot of trendy photos with balloons (also I don’t know anyone like that too)! but be prepared to be an instagram boy-friend 🙂 Liked it? So run! There’s still time to work on this. And I’ll leave this post open on the computer screen, with no intention of course, until my husband arrived. Oh the chocolate …

Image credits: 1, 2 , 3 Lovely Selection: Lovely Lovely
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